About CPIP

About Us

Create and Protect IP Partners is a venture under Create and Protect Legal Advisors LLP. Our aim is to build, create and protect stellar Intellectual Property that strengthens growth and creates exclusivity. By providing a varied set of services to our clients, we have continuously tried to help and make legal advice for IP very accessible. We hope to usher a progressive and well aware landscape for IP in India.

Our Motto

Make legal help accessible to all.
With this venture, our curiously driven team has two primary agendas; The first is to create an aware and progressive landscape of IP in India. The second is to provide help to various brands, individuals, inventors, creative entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies with curated solutions for their Intellectual Property that are budget friendly and easy.

Our Clientele

We cater to the Intellectual Property needs of individuals, creative entrepreneurs, Start-ups, brands, small companies and any kind of enterprises.

Why choose us?

We recommend choosing us for a 360 degree approach to all your IP needs. We don't just limit ourselves to helping you register it, we also help you understand and analyse it. We engage in conversations that are relevant and aim to create and lasting impact.