Q- What data does Twitter collect and what happens with it?  Twitter collects information from your public profile, your contact information, your communications whether public(tweets, retweets etc) or private(inbox), information about location and usage data.    Interestingly, even without making an account on Twitter if you access it, Twitter will still store your data called […]

When someone talks about Intellectual Property rights they make it sound like it is the latest development in the protection of creator’s rights. But history suggests otherwise. In 500 BC, Siberian chefs of a Greek colony in Italy were awarded a monopoly for certain kinds of recipes. Intellectual Property is an age-old subject that evolved […]

One can not spend a day on the internet without noticing someone talking enthusiastically about cryptocurrency. Its impact on Intellectual property, specifically on copyrights are starting to unfold. There are several services built upon blockchain technology and then there are smart contracts. Decentralization of the internet has a clear impact on the functionality and enforcement […]

Introduction Lucasfilm, the production company of Star Wars has successfully protected the intellectual property of a galaxy far far away. It has protected almost every aspect of Star Wars so extensively that It is basically a running joke that any reference to Star Wars would subject you to a lawsuit from Lucasfilm or Disney. Today, […]

What is Copyright? As defined by WIPO, Copyright is a legal term used to describe the exclusive rights of creators to reproduce, publish or sell their original literary and artistic works.    What is Copyleft? Copyleft refers to a general license agreement granted by a copyright owner which permits anyone to freely use the copyrighted […]

Introduction  If you had been keeping up with the Kardashians, you would have known that in 2017 Khloe Kardashian was sued for copyright infringement for posting a paparazzi picture of herself on a social media account without the photographer’s permission. The U.K. based photo agency ‘Xposure Photos’ sought damages of more than $175,000 for the […]