Introduction The essential objectives of the intellectual property (IP) framework have consistently promoted new advancements and imaginative works, and to make a feasible monetary basis for development and creation. From an absolutely monetary viewpoint, if other aims of the IP framework, for example, ‘just reward’ and moral rights are separated, there is no motivation not […]

Intellectual Property is concerned with “Protecting the work of human intellect”. The domain of copyright relates to expression of thoughts that includes protection of literary and artistic works, musical, dramatic, cinematography work, computer softwares etc. The domain of design relates to protection of appearance of the article such as dimensions, shape, configuration, lines, colors, patterns […]

This pandemic has seen a boom in the creative industry with thousands of artists releasing new tracks every day. Streaming channels have emerged as a source of revenue and growth for artists and record labels. But releasing music online also comes with the issues of tracking the streaming data, handling licenses, and fixing the royalty […]

  Most often than not, we pop champagnes during parties and other events. But have you ever pondered why exactly is the drink named as “champagne” while it is also the name of a wine region in France? This is where “Geographical indications” come into picture.  In a general sense, a Geographical Indication can be […]

The food industry is known for being one of the most competitive industries in the world. Every year, food conglomerates manage to invest in millions for research and development purposes in order to manufacture food that caters to  their customers in all aspects- be it the taste, nutritional value, overall appearance of the product or […]