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1. The Legal Housekeeping Toolkit

Under this initiative, we help startups, individuals, creators or any sort of business/industry with basic legal documents, contracts and knowledge. This toolkit will include templates and guides for the client that will help them through the documents and procedures included in the toolkit.

Each toolkit will be designed according to the client and their brand or business. Documents involved in this package are Confidentiality Agreements, Terms of Service, Sample POA- to name a few. The toolkit will also have a guide to basic legal procedures that the client might need to know as he/she is setting up their business. This toolkit will have master templates and guides that the owner can use independently, it is however always advisable to seek a lawyer’s opinion before any transaction.

This toolkit will include only templates and guides. This will not include any sort of government fees or hidden costs or professional fees for any other service. The toolkit however will include 1 free consultation.

2. The IP Masterclass

We suggest the IP Masterclass when brands come to us to understand their Intellectual Property. A masterclass is a free flowing discussion between us and the client. This discussion revolves around what exactly your brand is and understanding its IP. We believe in understanding the brand, its ideology and the hard-work that surrounds it. As young founders, we understand the blood and sweat that goes into building one.

This class is not about legal advice, it is more about making owners and individuals aware of what their Intellectual Property is and identifying their rights. Post this class, if the participant is interested they can consult with us for IP and other antecedents.

2. The IP Master class
3. The CPIP Support Project (1)

3. The CPIP Support Project

Under this initiative, we will be empowering and educating Artists that do not have access to proper legal support for protection of their Intellectual Property. The initiative focuses on ensuring that such people are not exploited for their Art. If you do know any such artists or individuals that could use our help but cannot afford it or understand it, drop us an email and we will definitely try and help them.

To contribute to this initiative by volunteering or through donations, drop us an email and we would be happy to explain to you the details and how it works.

4. The IP Cookie Community

Under this initiative, we are trying to gather all Intellectual Property enthusiasts under one roof to discuss and exchange ideas and synergies. From students to creators to business owners to lawyers, anybody can be a part of this community.

The community will hold regular sessions to discuss IP. The aim of this community is to create awareness and have a common platform to discuss and have free-flowing conversations about intellectual property and opportunities surrounding it.

To sign up, drop us an email, we send you all the details and you fill a form. We welcome you with a (currently virtual) cookie in this community.
The first 500 members will be charged absolutely no membership fees. Post that it will be Rs 199 for the year!

The IP Cookie Community