Our Services

We at Create and Protect IP Partners, strongly believe that working with clients at every step is essential to understand the importance of their IP. We strive to provide our client, budget-friendly, customized solutions ensuring that the quality of the work is never compromised.

1. Patent, Trademark and Copyright Services

From your first consultation to your registration and post-registration processes, we help you understand and get your IP registered. Currently our team helps you register a trademark, a patent and a copyright in India.

2. Contracts

From confidentiality agreements to work contracts and everything in between. We curate contracts according to the needs of each client. We highly believe in the fact that no contract can possibly be the same and template contracts can turn fatal.

3. Freedom to Operate, Prior art and market Search Reports and related services

Before you even decide on registering your IP or starting your business, we provide you with search reports or market research. This not only helps you understand your IP or business well but also competitors, customers and your industry. Our approach is targeted, simplified and bespoke.

4. Capsule Consulting-IP

A very centric approach is provided by our professionals for your IP and the industry it potentially belongs to. This includes which category does your IP fall in, understanding the approach required for the development of your brand and its IP and what would be the next best steps for protecting and registering it.

5. Startups, Brand and Business Advisory

The phase of building a brand, business or startup is very crucial. While you concentrate on the other aspects, we help you with primary contracts, registrations and other legalities. We consult you on an ideal model of registration and inform you about the benefits. Whether it is registering an LLP or obtaining a startup certificate, we got all bases covered for you.

6. Digital Media and Influencer Consulting

With an industry that is always expanding, there are a host of guidelines and compliances that you need to adhere to. Under this initiative, we guide an influencer/digital creator about their Intellectual property, various ways to protect and optimise them, all while keeping in mind the Influencer guidelines. We also help you understand guidelines for advertising, content creation and usage of Digital Media.