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Blockchain has consistently been a sought after concept since a decade of its entry into the world market.[1] The multi-fold level of authenticity backed by security checks makes it the next big thing sought by industries ranging from finance to fashion. It is capable of revolutionizing many sectors that have an urgent need for development.   […]

The rich cultural and regional diversity of India is today lurking from the shadows to see the rays of survival in this world dominated by counterfeits, fast fashion, and technologically driven designs. India, the homeland of famous silks, tea, and artifacts has a total of 370 GIs registered[1] but only a few have an international […]

  Think about a chocolate with bars which are triangular in nature and comes in a triangular packaging. Most of us would have thought about the tasty Toblerone chocolate which is popularly known for its packaging across the globe. This is a classic example of a 3D trademark. Given the high level of competition in […]