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  221B, Baker Street, London. This fictional address will definitely ring bells in the minds of book lovers as well movie buffs. This is where the most famous detective Sherlock Holmes lived or probably still lives. The power of this address despite being a fictional one is so strong that it seemed to many to […]

Patents can give the owner a monopolistic right towards the invention thereby helping it lead the industry. However, there also is said to be a balancing aspect to this provision which enables the use of such invention by a third party without the consent of the patent owner. This aspect is present in the form […]

  Exploring the possibilities of the IPR regime in China and their take on the world’s intellectual property. This article will focus on the following topics- Intellectual Property Rights in China The conduct of China towards World IP Suggestions Intellectual Property Rights in China As countries across the world were recognising the importance of incorporating […]

Procedure When it comes to the whole procedure of trademark registration, it is a rather complex process which requires continued effort and time. Each step is essential and has to be followed by the applicant. There are certain specific steps that have to be taken for the same- Prior Research – Primarily, the basic idea […]