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  Most often than not, we pop champagnes during parties and other events. But have you ever pondered why exactly is the drink named as “champagne” while it is also the name of a wine region in France? This is where “Geographical indications” come into picture.  In a general sense, a Geographical Indication can be […]

The rich cultural and regional diversity of India is today lurking from the shadows to see the rays of survival in this world dominated by counterfeits, fast fashion, and technologically driven designs. India, the homeland of famous silks, tea, and artifacts has a total of 370 GIs registered[1] but only a few have an international […]

  Exploring the possibilities of the IPR regime in China and their take on the world’s intellectual property. This article will focus on the following topics- Intellectual Property Rights in China The conduct of China towards World IP Suggestions Intellectual Property Rights in China As countries across the world were recognising the importance of incorporating […]

Searching for already existing Trademarks or the availability of a new Trademark is the first step that you need to do for your business. It is extremely necessary to do a market research for the availability of your proposed mark. This information is available on the official website for IP in India which is : […]

In this part, we will be discussing and breaking down the procedure to file a patent in India. Before moving towards the procedural part, let’s understand the basic process to file a patent application. The application can either be filed physically in one of the 4 offices in India, which are located in Mumbai, Delhi, […]

Procedure When it comes to the whole procedure of trademark registration, it is a rather complex process which requires continued effort and time. Each step is essential and has to be followed by the applicant. There are certain specific steps that have to be taken for the same- Prior Research – Primarily, the basic idea […]