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  Most often than not, we pop champagnes during parties and other events. But have you ever pondered why exactly is the drink named as “champagne” while it is also the name of a wine region in France? This is where “Geographical indications” come into picture.  In a general sense, a Geographical Indication can be […]

The year is 2020 and the scope for technological innovation in all aspects of science is now thriving more than ever. Exploring outer space is a dynamic area in science that is evolving everyday. Typically, outer space can be defined as the expanse that exists beyond the Karman line[i] and between the celestial bodies. Space […]

It goes without saying how technology has all of us on a leash today. The human race that created technology is now being controlled by it. An individual currently sets up reminders on their devices to remind them to drink water on time or to tell them it is time to sleep. This dependence on […]

Introduction Every avid sports enthusiast loves to give their opinion on how a team should have been set or how a certain player should have been picked or dropped. This desire of fans to be a decision-maker has been capitalized by the fantasy sports industry.  Fantasy sports is currently the most innovative medium of fan […]

Introduction It is always seen that sci-fi movies often bring ideas which are far away from the state-of-the-art technology of the time. It is not clear for all of us, if science fiction writers and directors are visionaries, or if they are inside the mind of the inspired scientists developing future technologies. The important thing […]

Introduction  It was the summer of 2016, when millions of people across the world experienced one of the most wholesome months of their lives. People were rambling in and around the city looking for an animated character which only they could see on their devices. This outburst of the Pokemon Go mania was how the […]