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The year is 2020 and the scope for technological innovation in all aspects of science is now thriving more than ever. Exploring outer space is a dynamic area in science that is evolving everyday. Typically, outer space can be defined as the expanse that exists beyond the Karman line[i] and between the celestial bodies. Space […]

Written by Shravani Deshmukh and Yesheshvini Ojha, Co-Founding Partners @ Create and Protect IP Partners. Technology is a word, you and I are very familiar with. It has become a very important and primary part of our lives. The use of any product expands its industry rapidly. Ideas start coming up, techniques start flowing and […]

Introduction It is always seen that sci-fi movies often bring ideas which are far away from the state-of-the-art technology of the time. It is not clear for all of us, if science fiction writers and directors are visionaries, or if they are inside the mind of the inspired scientists developing future technologies. The important thing […]