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When it comes to Intellectual Property, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? In our short  experience of being a lawyer, we often see people being inquisitive but puzzled by what we do. What we feel, as IP Professionals, is that any person who owns a business or is in the creative […]

Procedure When it comes to the whole procedure of trademark registration, it is a rather complex process which requires continued effort and time. Each step is essential and has to be followed by the applicant. There are certain specific steps that have to be taken for the same- Prior Research – Primarily, the basic idea […]

Intellectual Property Protection Intellectual Property includes all kinds of works, processes, designs, logos, symbols etc. These are the intangible assets that are created and owned by a company. Regardless of the type of domain your company works in, it is likely that it regularly uses and creates some form of IP. To claim ownership and […]

As a technology startup, you’re in the business of innovation. Intellectual property needs and must be a very important consideration for your team from day 1. Obtaining IP protection such as patents, trademarks or copyrights can be very useful in differentiating yourselves from the competition, minimizing competition and also build up your defenses against any […]