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The year is 2020 and the scope for technological innovation in all aspects of science is now thriving more than ever. Exploring outer space is a dynamic area in science that is evolving everyday. Typically, outer space can be defined as the expanse that exists beyond the Karman line[i] and between the celestial bodies. Space […]

  221B, Baker Street, London. This fictional address will definitely ring bells in the minds of book lovers as well movie buffs. This is where the most famous detective Sherlock Holmes lived or probably still lives. The power of this address despite being a fictional one is so strong that it seemed to many to […]

Intellectual Property has been on a growth through the years. Your intangible assets are given equal, if not more importance to that of your tangible assets. Intellectual Property protection has now been involved in the business planning process of a lot of companies and start-ups. The relationship of IP protection with that of India has […]